Did You Get Lots Of Kisses For Doing That? (with Alex Jae and Bec Charlwood)

This week on Across The Park, we are joined by the very funny Bec Charlwood and Alex Jae from The Ladies Guide To Dude Cinema podcast, and we start by discussing the difference between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, how the idea of TLGTDC came about, movies about sport, knowing lines from Little Nicky, basketball films of the 90’s, what happens when your favourite film is ruined, Joel gets excited to play sound effects, we find out Alex and Bec’s sporting credentials, Perth’s local wrestling scene, zumba, Mr Juicy, and a game about sports in movies!

Grab tickets to Alex and Bec’s upcoming solo shows in both Sydney and Melbourne, and listen to the brilliant Ladies Guide to Dude Cinema!

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