Die Sehnsucht (Nostalgia for what has never been)

Andjana Pachkova is a local Sydney artist about to launch her first gallery solo exhibition with a new series of spectacular paintings called ‘Castle in the Sky’.

Andjana’s work embodies the emotions surrounding ‘Die Sehnsucht’: a German term used to express a deep state of emotional longing for what is ‘intensely missing’. She also maintains a strong connection between music and art in her upcoming showcase.

Sophie chatted with Andy about how she captures this raw human emotion of ‘nostalgia for what has never been’.

Andjana Pachkova’s Die Sehnsucht, Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, 18 July – 27 August, Free.

Image: ‘The Opposite of Death is Love’ by Andjana Pachkova.


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