Digital Dilemmas

Living in a world driven by making choices digitally, whether it is applying for university, navigating through a platform, learning new software for each subject across disciplines or installing zoom on your laptop, digital literacies is everywhere, and whether or not you fall into the stereotype of a digital native, a digital mind requires constant development. 

It is safe to say that not only has technology changed drastically in the past decades and between generations, but our use of it.

Digital Natives is the generations that have interacted with technology since childhood and it is has been widely theorised that those people are inherently digitally literate and proficient users of technology.

But the questions is, does the stereotype of digital natives cause communication problems? And do we need to separate having a digital mind for our social interactions and education? 

Doctor in Philosophy and Professor Jo Coldwell-Neilson from Deakin University joined The Daily to discuss digital natives and the importance of developing digital literacies in our education system. 

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