Dignity, hope and stray dogs

Are dogs truly man’s best friend? They are very sensitive animals, probably why they’ve been around humans for so long. A dog called Loukanikos, a stray in the the capital of Greece, was nominated as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” due to his commitment to the protest movement. The story of Loukanikos can be a reminder of hope as he stood with the courage and spirit of the local people. So what more can we learn from dogs like Loukanikos in these desperate times?

This Thursday morning Mitch was joined in the studio by Sydney-based Dr. Mary Zournazi who recently went to Greece in order to make a film about at the stray dogs of Athens and the crisis.

The movie, Dogs of Democracy, will come out later this year!

Check out a short radio feature on Loukanikos by Dr. Zournazi here!

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