Disco Loco: Putting the silent ‘disco’ in discovery tours

Part city tour, part silent disco. You don’t have to be drunk to sing and dance on the street around town… no siree… you just need Disco Loco in your life.

Disco Loco is Australia’s premier silent disco experience where you embark on a musical journey through the heart of the city. They’ve got a few tours going on: one during VIVID – the VIVID Sydney Night Tour – a Michael Jackson Themed Tour, and the Craziest Silent Disco Tour. Each offering a unique way to explore Sydney’s famous streets and landmarks, transformed into a lively interactive dance floor with games, sing-alongs and trivia with prizes to be won. It runs till 6th July, from 10am – 10:30pm.

Brains behind the booty-shaking Disco Loco, Disco Loco’s creator, Tom Gay has a chat with Danny Chifley on the 2ser Breakfast show.

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