Ditch the Glitter, Save the Environment

The countdown is on for Mardi Gras and in Sydney that often means people are shopping for the right outfit. And that outfit is more than likely to be complemented by lashings of glitter. But hold up before you get stuck into the arts and crafts: did you know that glitter is pretty bad for the environment?

Yes, those sparkly flecks of joy are one of the many microplastics that is causing strain on our oceans. But stay calm — there are some sustainable alternatives. We chatted with Dr. Jennifer Lavers is a Research Scientist at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania about the ‘herpes of the craft world’ and how we can start to make smarter glitter decisions to help save our world.

If you want to have guilt free sparkles, head over to one of these sustainable glitter suppliers:

Wild Glitter

Eco Glitter Fun

Glo Tatts

Three Mamas

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