Dive head-first into the Maritime Museum’s Ocean Photographer of the Year Exhibition

The ocean is big. It’s almost impossible to discuss it in any measure without someone raising the oft-repeated statistic that humans have only explored 3% (5%, as of November 2023) of the blue world. Equally, however, we hear about the extent to which marine life stands largely unguarded to the force of climate change, altering the oceans beyond repair.

The Australian National Maritime Museum has sought to reflect these two realities with its newest showcase, the Ocean Photographer of the Year Exhibition, highlighting the beauty and vulnerability of the ocean in equal measure. The exhibition is led by Oceanic Magazine’s annual competition of the same name.

Sean Hatzi from Wednesday Drive spoke to Emily Jateff, a curator at the Maritime Museum, about what to expect from the world-first exhibition.

Tickets can be found on the Maritime Museum website across a range of prices.

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