Do The Hong Kong Protests Need A New Narrative?

Yesterday marked 70 years of the People’s Republic of China. A cause for celebration for nationalists in Hong Kong and a cause for anger for those who have continued to take to the streets and protest against China’s attempts to extend its influence more tightly over the autonomous territory over the past 100 days. 

But after 100 days of protests has the message been lost? Is there even an end in sight? As the violence experienced and perpetrated by both protestors and police has continued to escalate, will it ever end? And is there any possibility of a peaceful resolution for both sides?

The Daily spoke more about the developing situation in Hong Kong and the possibilities of a peaceful resolution is Amanda Tattersall, Research Lead at Sydney Policy Lab and Host of ChangeMakers Podcast. 

For more information on the developing situation in Hong Kong, make sure to listen to episodes 22 and 23 of the ChangeMakers Podcast, hosted by Amanda.

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