Do You Read Your Privacy Policies?

We all value our privacy, but when it comes to privacy policies, do we really know what we are signing? According to new research, 94% of Australians do not read all the privacy policies that apply to them. Dr Katharine Kemp joined the show to tell us about the main reasons behind this behaviour. The often vague and complicated language that make these policies difficult to understand, and our increasingly busy lives are often cited as a reason as we don’t have enough time to read through all of the privacy policies that apply to us. We also are often unable to negotiate the terms or are not able to avoid using the service leaves us feeling that reading these policies are pointless. You might be surprised at the type of data that is being collected, in particular data aggregation which creates a profile about you containing everything from your name and social activity to your sexual preferences and mental health status. The best way to combat this is to try and read the policies and contact the companies if you are unsure about what you are agreeing to. Although on a larger scale, it is clear privacy policies need to change.

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