Documentary DJÄKAMIRR: Caretaker of Pregnancy and Birth looks at reclamation of Indigenous birthing culture

The documentary  DJÄKAMIRR: Caretaker of Pregnancy and Birth is shedding light on the reclamation traditional birthing cultures seen in First Nation communities. The film takes a look of the experiences of Yonlgu women in the town Galiwinku in the Norther Territory.

Women aren’t offered the opportunity to give birth within their own community and have to travel regionally for a planned hospital birth. Often times these women are alone. A Djakamirr acts as a guide for the women giving birth as being able to speak the mothers language and is skilled in providing cultural, emotional and spiritual support. Support and needs which are not offered in hospitals.

2ser Breakfast was joined by Sarah Ireland & Lawurrpa Maypilama who are some of the researchers and filmmakers of the documentary. They give insight into the importance of reclaiming practices for First Nation women and what further practices can be done to support the needs of these women.

The documentary will be screening later this month on April 28 at Palace Cinemas in Leichhardt. For further information and to book tickets you can see that HERE.

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