Dodgy prawns: where does our seafood come from?

We all love prawns. In three decades, global production of prawns has increased nearly twenty-fold, and consumer demand shows no signs of decreasing.

But do we actually know where our prawn comes from? A survey by Greenpeace revealed that 72 per cent of Australians believed the prawns they are eating were local,

But a Greenpeace report released in December on “Dodgy prawns” showed that only 35 per cent of our prawns are sourced locally. The other 65 per cent is imported, mostly from Vietnam, Thailand and China. The report also highlighted the high price of our favourite seafood, the impact of unsustainable farming on the environment, and the unethical behaviour of the producers to the labourers.

So why should we care?

Nathaniel Pelle, oceans campaigner for Greenpeace Australia and Pacific, joined Mick to examine the report’s findings.

Producer: Sarka Pechova

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