We’re asking for your help! On Good Friday our station’s FM antenna was struck by lightning, causing severe damage. Temporary repairs have kept us on-air, but this fix won’t last. I’m asking you to chip in and help 2SER raise the money needed to repair our transmitter and replace the antenna. 

As a non-profit community station we’ve needed and truly appreciated your help in the past. The disruption to jobs caused by COVID-19 means some of our regular supporters can’t help us right now, but if you can, please do. 

2SER’s income has been hit badly by the coronavirus fallout, but if you’ve been listening you’ll know how hard we’ve worked to keep the content rolling. From the newsroom to independent current affairs with The Wire, to the fantastic music and talk shows you hear each week, and award-winning podcasts, our staff and dedicated volunteers have powered on with the aid of technical workarounds and cleaning supplies.  

Your donation will not only help 2SER raise the funds to continue broadcasting on FM to greater Sydney, but keep your favourite shows on air, and to put it simply, help keep the culture of local, independent media and music alive in Sydney. 

Please click here to dig deep, make a tax deductible donation today and SAVE OUR SIGNAL.

Sunday 31st of May, 2020

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