Down Low Disco

Welcome to the Down Low Disco, the weekly quirky club session that is open to all fellow freaks who aren't scared to listen forward.

I'm Lorna Clarkson and I invite you to join me every Tuesday from 8:00pm - 10:00pm (AEST) to get a fix of the new sounds and styles that are shaping the future of the world's dancefloors. Immerse yourself in music that is - innovative - heavy - dirty - deep - dark - brave. Music that rejects definition, explodes genres and refuses to politely sit in a neat little hipster marketing box.

My promise to you is to never get lazy. I promise to surprise you, challenge you and sometimes make you feel uncomfortable. At the same time, I hope to excite you and get you passionate about artists and directions that drive the best dancefloors of the world.

I also invite you to sit down for more intimate sessions when I am joined by electronic music's finest creative minds - emerging and established - as they steer us through the music that they turn to when they need a fix. These one-on-one sessions are always a revelation and offer a dimension to your favourite DJ's or producers that you never before imagined.

Are you ready to ditch the retro and embrace the unknown? Then we welcome you to our club.

You're in the Down Low Disco. Eyes down, ears forward, enjoy.

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Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

Tuesdays at 8pm
  • Lorna Clarkson