Drive-in Music Festivals

It’s undeniable that COVID19 has had an enormous impact on the live music industry with social distancing laws causing the cancellation of all concerts and festivals.
Emerging out of these dire circumstances is some great ingenuity from those in the industry. One way is through drive-in concerts.
Airwaves is one of the drive-in festivals that are giving live music lovers their favourite Aussie bands while adhering to social distancing laws from the comfort of their cars.
In response to the news of festivals being cancelled, Airwaves Event Director, Cindy Jensen, stated, “Reading it set off a rocket-launch fire inside me and I wanted to bring some confidence back into an industry that has been so hard hit and affected. “

AIRWAVES festival sets out to inspire other organisations around Australia to follow suit, to help reboot the country’s entertainment industry.

Monday 29th of June, 2020

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