Eight Detectives by Alex Pavesi – Part Two

We discuss chapters 6-13 of Alex Pavesi‘s innovative 2020 metafiction ‘Eight Detectives’. Grant and Julia continue going through the remaining chapters of ‘The White Murders’, and the inconsistencies continue getting more bizarre. A dead man investigating his own death? A surprise birthday party where the surprise was that it’s a birthday? An impossible crime owned and operated by Device X? The conundrums this Grant McAllister fellow came up with seem to know no bounds, nor does his ability to forget them.

We’re also joined by Irene Diakanastasis, who is in conversation with author Kelli Hawkins about her new thriller, Apartment 303, telling the story of an isolated shut-in, forced to reacquaint with the outside world.

Check out Part One and Part Three here!

Thank you to Harper Collins Australia for providing a copy of Apartment 303 to Irene.

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