**Trigger Warning** 

This episode discusses sexual assault and relating trauma. If you or someone you know is struggling, please contact 1800 737 732 any time for confidential information, counselling and support.

Beth and Belle have a very special guest this episode, the internationally renowned advocate for sexual consent and sexual education, the founder and CEO of Teach Us Consent and Director of Australia Institute’s Centre for Sex & Gender Equality; Chanel Contos.

In early July, Chanel convened a roundtable with Attorneys-Generals, Shadow Attorneys-Generals and survivors from around the country to discuss the criminalisation of “stealthing”.

“Stealhting” is the non consensual act of removing of a condom during sexual intercourse and it is actually an act of rape, but that very important fact is not widely known or recognised as such. As of right now, “stealthing” is illegal in the ACT and has been so since October of 2021. Tasmania has introduced new laws around stealthing earlier this year, Victoria and South Australia are both looking to criminalise stealthing in legislation. 

But the YMF girls want to know why it isn’t already ciminalised on a national level, why the majority of people don’t know that it is a form of sexual assault? Listen in as Chanel takes them through what happened at the round table and what it is going to take to criminalise stealthing across all of Australia. 


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