EP 2 – Science & Gender: Robots, Bias and the Female Brain

This week on ‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’ we explore the role of gender in science! Back in March, as part of our 2 hour special for International Women’s Day, we explored how gender bias impacts us in our day to day lives, however did you ever think that robots could be impacted by this as well? Turns out our android peers are not exempt from gender prejudice, Dr Mari Velonaki tells us how this impacts robotic design! Later we preimer a brand new segment called Mythbuster!, where we break down sterotypes and get to the facts! On this week’s Mythbuster!, we explore the myth that the female brain is inferior! This pesky little falsehood has bounced around since the 1800s, but still pops up in the modern day. We talk to Professor Gina Rippon to get to the facts!

With hosts Beth Tracey & Bella Michie, tune in to ‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’ as we explore femininity outside of the patriarchy!
‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’ is a show where we put a spotlight on issues affecting female/feminine identifying persons of all ages, cultures, sexualities and abilities. To catch up on past YMF episodes or to make sure you don’t miss a story, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @YMF_2SER

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