EP 7 – YMF In Focus: Ricki Coughan

This week we shared another ‘YMF: In Focus’ episode, where we celebrate emerging female artists, performers and trailblazers who are bringing us unique perspectives to ponder and admire. This week we’re putting the spotlight on Ricki Coughan, one of Australia’s first publicly transgender athletes. With recent decisions from the International Rugby League and FINA throwing issues regarding trans athletes back into public debate we thought we’d chat to Ricki Coughlan, and her experience of coming out in the 90s. Ricki’s sporting journey began after she transitioned. What started from aerobics classes and selling gym equipment, soon turned into a love of running, with Ricki tearing up the local athletic track.

In 1991 Ricki’s world was turned upside down when she was outed. Her story was plaster over newspapers, her private life saturating headlines. Despite her privacy being violated, when she was outed Ricki was met with open arms by the athletics community, much to her surprise. To hear the full story about Ricki’s journey check out the latest episode of ‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’ with hosts Bella Michie & Beth Tracey.


‘Yours, Mine & Femme’ is a segment in which we put a spotlight on issues affecting women/feminine identifying persons of all ages, cultures, sexualities and abilities. To catch up on past YMF episodes or to make sure you don’t miss a story, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @YMF_2SER


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