Ep1: Lindy Chamberlain and the afterlife of evidence

What happens to evidence after a criminal trial?

Tamson and Olivia go looking for answers and find themselves in the shadow of one of the worst miscarriages of justice in Australian history.

What has happened to all the evidence on which Lindy’s trials turned? We take a journey through the archives and speak to Lindy herself in order to explore what’s left behind in the wake of the case that divided the nation. After a trial, three appeals, four coronial inquests, a life sentence and a Royal Commission, it was finally proven that Azaria Chamberlain was not murdered by her mother but was taken by a dingo, as her parents had said all along.

Now, almost 40 years after Azaria’s death, her tiny clothes, the family’s belongings, and thousands of letters written to Lindy Chamberlain have lost their status as evidence and assumed a new life.


Producer: Olivia Rosenman

Host: Tamson Pietsch

Collaborating Historian: Katherine Biber

Executive Producer: Emma Lancaster

Sound Design: Miles Martignoni

Additional production assistance: Ellen Leabeater

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