Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 22nd Sep 2021

Been listening to lots of Cuban music again lately, so how wonderful to get a brand new single this week from ORQUESTA AKOKÁN (remember when they played Sydney a few years back with likeable showman José “Pepito” Gómez at the helm?). We let them open the show today and also served up some more Latin rhythms, including the new album from Sydney's polyrhythm firebrands OYOBI. There was also the new Under The Influence to play a few tracks from, plus other funk, boogie helium-soul, fresh house (from Croatia) and queer disco... Hope you enjoy the replay while you picnic/dance in Sydney. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 15th Sep 2021

Soul-funk/boogie treats from Indonesia today as we previewed an upcoming collection by DJ Munir (Midnight Runners) on Cultures of Soul, called 'Tanamur City'. Newies too from Mancunian soul man Victor Haynes, Digital Afrika on Carl Cox & Christopher Coe's Melbourne label Awesome Soundwave, fresh GAMM remixes, and Tramp's 45-repressing of the otherwise expensive Teresa Harris & The Gene Parker Quintet 7". It features the crazy but loveable Teresa Harris workout 'U.F.O.' on the flip, but we opted for her beautiful 'Good-Bye'. Alongside are Afro, disco, boogie, Lebanese & tropical rhythms, plus a '90s British house flashback featuring legendary vocalist Loleatta Holloway taking Paul Weller's cathartic mood-lifter 'Shout to the Top' to heavenly... tops. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 8th Sep 2021

Polyrhythms galore today plus jazz-funk & demented disco, as we leapt from Sapporo to São Paulo, New Orleans to New York, Melbourne to Matanzas & Mmabatho, plus a blated birthday tribute to the talented Brasilian singer Sandra de Sá. There were also a few newies to get off my chest including fresh outings from The ALLERGIES (not the vax kind), Upper Level Records' producer YORK, SILK SONIC and Sydney skankers KING TIDE who passed us a new single fittingly titled 'Lockdown'. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 1st Sep 2021

Today's 2-hour mix kicked off with some Black Lives Matter themed Afrobeat from London along with a new single from David Ornette Cherry (son of trumpeting legend Don Cherry) and also includes the new single for vocalist Gail Lou whose rousing, spirit-lifting pride-anthem 'I Still Love' also gives a nod to the Black Lives Matter campaign whilst declaring that women's lives and queer lives also matter... "We live, we breathe and you don't get to decide that I have to swallow my pride!" she sings. Hear, hear! In between there's also house, disco, future-boogie, funk, soul, Afro and Latin goodies... including something from the about-to-be-reissued by Fania Records 'Sabor' album by salsa singer Angel Canales. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 25th Aug 2021

Besides the never-before-heard/released AL-DOS Band LP from 1976, today there was the brilliant upcoming reissue to share from Akiko Yano (矢野顕子) - the Tokyo-born nite-pop vocalist, former Ryuchi Sakamoto lover and dolphin-juggler - who in 1982 teamed up to work with Mick Karn, David Sylvian, Steve Jansen and YMO. A tasty fusionist album that made me pull out a gem from flash-exposed Sylvian group, Japan... pre-polaroids. Alongside there's sunshine soul, house, boogie, funk, Afro and tropical goodies for this 2 hour radio mix-up. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 18th Aug 2021

Are you itching to be Steppin' Out tonight? While lockdown has us sticking close to home, music can make you feel better and today's non-stop 2-hour Jumping The Gap mix aims to help you forget the bleak vax stroll-out figures and other news for a while, to dance. So, get into a locomotive car and drive to the other side with me. Disco, funk, boogie & more, plus fresh Latin gems from Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18, Joao Selva and Adrianna Moreira. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 11th Aug 2021

Lockdown continues, but so do the good grooves and dancing. From Arabic and Brasilian good-oil, to soul-disco, boogie, hip hop, electro-funk and the kinda gospel that may well have tempted you to church if you weren't so rational. There's plenty of bottom-heavy bass-slapping action in today's 2-hour mix too. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 4th Aug 2021

I can assure you today's first cut won't hurt at all (can't say the same about the 2nd last cut). In between, there's something from the new posthumous Prince album 'Welcome 2 America', alongside boogie, disco, Latin, Afro-funk and tropical, plus a seriously good remix from Sydney Latin trio Oyobi and some exclusive new edits. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 28th Jul 2021

With a sultry outro from locals - singer Marguerite Montes and lyricist Gavin Vance - explaining why "Pfizer is a Girl's Best Friend" (let's face it, we all want out of lockdown so we get back to hookups of a carnal kind), today's 2-hour mixup features everything from electro/hip hop to vintage Italian funk, fresh house and future-soul (how cool is Joel Culpepper's new LP?), as well as Afro & tropical-spoken word. Despite today's pic it was a K-tel free zone. Also, unfortunately I couldn't honour the "poster mit tanzanweisungen" offer - so please feel free to make up your own steps. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 21st Jul 2021

When choosing a musical version of Max Ehrmann's life-advice poem ‘Desiderata', obviously we'd go for the Prelude issued funk-disco version by Rosko, over one recorded by the pointy eared Mr Spock as today's opening tune. From there, we mixed up everything from early Ivory Coast hip hop, to electro, Brasilian jazz-funk, disco, Latin, soul and Afro. Alongside are two terrific cover versions: a newie by tropical groovers the Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band - of the evergreen Charles Stepney tune Les Fleurs (already covered by Minnie Ripperton/4Hero/Ramsey Lewis and countless others) - the other a French cover of Copacabana. Hope you enjoy. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 14th Jul 2021

With Sydney's lockdown extended for a couple more weeks, today's non-stop mix aimed to keep it positive throughout, to lift your mood and encourage some iso-dancing. Helping us wish for one better world were sparkle-suited, sharp-witted vocalist/lyricist Martin Fry with his "alphabet city" compatriots ABC (mixed by Aussie engineer Julian Mendelsohn). There was also soaring disco/funk/boogie/house from folks like Barbara Mason, Toney Lee, Phyllis Hyman, Black Ivory and possibly one of the most amazing performances from Latin-disco funksters Mandrill who took it sky high with 'Love Made Me Over'. There's also Melbourne's Jahrukus, who finally release their reggae version of 'Ashes To Ashes' on 45, transporting Bowie from his heroine days and mellowing him out with the offer of weed. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 7th Jul 2021

A spirit-lifting 2 hour mix, for which I was in a Prince & Neneh Cherry moo(n)d today, so a few tracks from each of these amazing artists (we even join the dots a little between the two with the help of Criminal Element Orchestra who sample "Kiss" in their track while Neneh herself was sending "kisses on the wind in one of hers). Also getting a look-in were a new remix from Qwestlife, fresh reissues from the likes of French lioness-chanteuse Bibi Flash, plus Afro, Latin, sexy soul/funk and a whole more for our 2nd week of lockdown iso-dancing. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 30th Jun 2021

Sydney was back in Lickdown today, but RADio is deemed an essential service, so still able to be in the studio with a non-stop 2-hour set of uplifting soulful house, disco, funk, soul, hip hop and ear-bending jazz for your isolation dancing. Big hugs to everyone who's feeling the pinch. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 23rd Jun 2021

With the new album by Marshall Jefferson's soulful vocal-house group Ten City in hand as well as the new deluxe reissue edition of renaissance soul man Donnie (& The Colored Section) we get housey for the 2nd part of today's mixup, but before that there's Rock Steady word plays and hip hop moves as the new film All The Streets Are Silent premieres in Australia this August for Sydney's Vivid festival. The film portrays the dynamic convergence of hip hop and skateboarding street cultures. There's also some Howard Johnson tracks today including a new collaboration with current Stateside boogie producer XL Middleton, plus disco, breaks and more Afro goodness from that new Vaudou Game LP. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 16th Jun 2021

Singer Donny Gerrard kicks things off this week in the Court of Love & Obsession with a plea to the judge that he's greedy for your love. His sentence - and yours - is 2 hours of community radio service which also includes new singles/LPs from DeRobert And The Half-Truths, Togo's Vaudau Game and Hawaiian lovers rock crooner Kapena Mokiao, plus fresh rethinks from That's Not An Edit Vol 14 alongside everything from Afro/Tropical goodies to an extended breakdance section where you get bust out those windmill and pop-lockin' moves. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 9th Jun 2021

Another 2-hour mix-up leaping between jazz-funk and Afro, disco and hip hop. You can expect something from Motowners The Miracles, who - after a survey of post-Smokie nightlife in the City of Angels and highways - join us to report that "everyone is gay in L.A." Newies today from DJ JazzyJeff & Kaidi Tatham remixing Potatohead People and De La Soul, Beatchild, Sun Palace freshly remixed by Opolopo, and the 9 piece Stones Throw band led by keyboardist John Carroll Kirby. Plus quality reissues from the Ivory Coast & Sth Africa, alongside the beautiful baritone of Barry White and the divine Patti Labelle. Read More