Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 12th Jan 2022

"Fresh" (see what I did there referencing today's flier?) for the new year and the first new show for '22 today after some holiday period shenanigans. Today a preview of the upcoming John Morales 3xLP Teddy Pendergrass remix package (due on BBE in late February), plus new singles from the Allergies/Lyrics Born and British Withers-channelling soul outfit Mamas Gun. Alongside something from the new Future Sounds of Jazz Vol 15 on Compost Records, there's also a nod to Sunday's passing of James Mtume, plus Afro, tropical, house and a boot full of boogie/funk. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 29th Dec 2021

Last show of the year, and in total holiday mode, so it's just 2-hours of non-stop tunes and talk-minimal in the extreme. All the best for your end of year celebrations, which with Omicron are looking a little shaky, but like the announcement bookending today's show says anyway: "New Year's is the worst night of all to go out - people who don't drink or party all year suddenly going all Kanye on you!" Thanks Randy! Catch you in 2022. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 15th Dec 2021

Oodles (and synth noodles) of '80s boogie today, alongside funk, soul and disco, plus something from New Zealander Julien Dyne's new album 'Modules' - on the Soundway label - from which you'll hear the track 'Resolution,' not only because it's an LP standout, but because it features fave soul-dub vocalist Joe Dukie of Fat Freddy's Drop. Whether it's Al Green-channeling Sidney Joe Qualls, Queen Aretha, Gavin Christopher, Kopper, the mighty Fonzi Thornton or Blackbyrd keys man Kevin Toney solo, good times are guaranteed for the non-stop 2-hour mixup. To round things out, Sydneysiders Roti & Schnauzer have now released their album, so another tune from it to propel you to drag it into your preferred shopping cart and edge the pairing towards paydirt. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 8th Dec 2021

New releases by Venezuelans Esperanto, Brasilian Alex Malheiros (posthumously featuring José Roberto Bertrami no less), Israeli Afrobeat fan Shay Hazan and others like them, ensured there were plenty of polyrhythms on today's show. There were also fresh releases to share like the killer jazz-funk workouts on the latest 12" from If It Aint Jazz by Laroye, Glasgow's Rebecca Vasmant, the latest ATA Records' library music outing and British soul from positvibe vocalist Paul Johnson who teams up with on-point producer Daz-I-Kue, plus something from the WeWantSounds label's new focus on the far-out jazz back-catalogue of Mainstream. Flashbacks to disco, boogie, heavenly vocal-soul and fave '90s outings by King Britt's Sylk 130 and the Brand New Heavies, ensure ageism gets the finger as the aged dance right up alongside the young. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 24th Nov 2021

From DC Go-Go, to disco, wiggy jazz to broken beat and Afro, today's 2-hour mix-up features new releases by Wilson Boateng, Alan Evans Trio, hard-working Aussie Lance Ferguson (covering Dave Lee's Sunburst Band no less) and Kenya-via-Adelaide rapper/producer Elsy Wameyo who's poised to give Sampa The Great a run for her money. Alongside are a couple of selections from the deep new collection by DJ Cam & Frédéric Beneix on BBE. Hope you enjoy. As the soulful funkster Omar can be heard singing (on his new Anthology release on Freestyle) it's been a "Long Time Coming"... but we're out of Lockdown now, so get out there dance and see some live music. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 17th Nov 2021

It's your Jumping The Gap Express Service, with a 2-hour world roundtrip with no stops, racing through station platforms from Rio De Janeiro to Tokyo, Long Island NY to Brisbane. The catering team was last seen leaping from a train window near the graffiti-filled underpass, so the dining carriage has been commandeered for dancing. Hope you can hang-loose in the funky caboose. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 10th Nov 2021

Rainy ol' day in Sydney, so to start out some slow-burner, sexy and stay-in-bed-and-snuggle-up-with-someone-who-digs-chocolate-body-painting soul, and then as we raise the BPMs and your partner's heart rate, there's Japanese boogie, Lebanese disco, soul, funk and plenty of hip hop. Newies include a trio of locals: BEDS (see there's a theme), KWEEN G and BLU.COLLECTIVE. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 27th Oct 2021

Back to regular, talk-minimal mix-ups today (huge thanks to everyone who subscribed over last fortnight - we had a great, heartwarming response). In today's mix: terrific newies from Sydneysiders blu.collective, Roti & Schnauzer (a new pairing featuring producer Rephrase) and Oyobi, plus a preview of an impressive album from jazz-funk-Latin-soundtrack inspired French group, Aldorande who are self-confessed Cortex fans. There's plenty of 80s synth-boogie as well, plus hip hop, Afro and a cosmically wiggy protracted synth-stretchout from Preluder Patrick Adams' Sine project. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 20th Oct 2021

It's radiothon time here at 2SER, so a little more chatter than usual, but still plenty of great music. HUGE thanx to everyone who subscribed during today's show. ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ In answer to Delight's tune 'Is It Too Late?' played today, the answer is "no". There's still plenty of time to get on board and subscribe, with everything from turntables, vinyl stashes and record shop vouchers up for grabs. Call 95149500 or head to 2ser.com/subscribe Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 6th Oct 2021

Sydney turned on another glorious sun-filled day today and the sky was blue from ear-to-ear (for those lying on their backs in the park) so summer vibes aplenty in this 2-hour mix, whether African, tropical, disco or whacky funk. The new album from Brits MF Robots (released this week) got a run, as did the newly reissued 1984 Netwerk LP, plus Da Lata's superb Brasilian-influenced latest single, Jules Habbib's new Basement Membrane project out of Melbourne and Italian Nicola Conte with Gianluca Petrella. Plus flashbacks to a fave from Boz Scaggs, Harari, Tyrone Davis and more. Lockdown's almost over... Hurray! Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 22nd Sep 2021

Been listening to lots of Cuban music again lately, so how wonderful to get a brand new single this week from ORQUESTA AKOKÁN (remember when they played Sydney a few years back with likeable showman José “Pepito” Gómez at the helm?). We let them open the show today and also served up some more Latin rhythms, including the new album from Sydney's polyrhythm firebrands OYOBI. There was also the new Under The Influence to play a few tracks from, plus other funk, boogie helium-soul, fresh house (from Croatia) and queer disco... Hope you enjoy the replay while you picnic/dance in Sydney. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 15th Sep 2021

Soul-funk/boogie treats from Indonesia today as we previewed an upcoming collection by DJ Munir (Midnight Runners) on Cultures of Soul, called 'Tanamur City'. Newies too from Mancunian soul man Victor Haynes, Digital Afrika on Carl Cox & Christopher Coe's Melbourne label Awesome Soundwave, fresh GAMM remixes, and Tramp's 45-repressing of the otherwise expensive Teresa Harris & The Gene Parker Quintet 7". It features the crazy but loveable Teresa Harris workout 'U.F.O.' on the flip, but we opted for her beautiful 'Good-Bye'. Alongside are Afro, disco, boogie, Lebanese & tropical rhythms, plus a '90s British house flashback featuring legendary vocalist Loleatta Holloway taking Paul Weller's cathartic mood-lifter 'Shout to the Top' to heavenly... tops. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 8th Sep 2021

Polyrhythms galore today plus jazz-funk & demented disco, as we leapt from Sapporo to São Paulo, New Orleans to New York, Melbourne to Matanzas & Mmabatho, plus a blated birthday tribute to the talented Brasilian singer Sandra de Sá. There were also a few newies to get off my chest including fresh outings from The ALLERGIES (not the vax kind), Upper Level Records' producer YORK, SILK SONIC and Sydney skankers KING TIDE who passed us a new single fittingly titled 'Lockdown'. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 1st Sep 2021

Today's 2-hour mix kicked off with some Black Lives Matter themed Afrobeat from London along with a new single from David Ornette Cherry (son of trumpeting legend Don Cherry) and also includes the new single for vocalist Gail Lou whose rousing, spirit-lifting pride-anthem 'I Still Love' also gives a nod to the Black Lives Matter campaign whilst declaring that women's lives and queer lives also matter... "We live, we breathe and you don't get to decide that I have to swallow my pride!" she sings. Hear, hear! In between there's also house, disco, future-boogie, funk, soul, Afro and Latin goodies... including something from the about-to-be-reissued by Fania Records 'Sabor' album by salsa singer Angel Canales. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 25th Aug 2021

Besides the never-before-heard/released AL-DOS Band LP from 1976, today there was the brilliant upcoming reissue to share from Akiko Yano (矢野顕子) - the Tokyo-born nite-pop vocalist, former Ryuchi Sakamoto lover and dolphin-juggler - who in 1982 teamed up to work with Mick Karn, David Sylvian, Steve Jansen and YMO. A tasty fusionist album that made me pull out a gem from flash-exposed Sylvian group, Japan... pre-polaroids. Alongside there's sunshine soul, house, boogie, funk, Afro and tropical goodies for this 2 hour radio mix-up. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 18th Aug 2021

Are you itching to be Steppin' Out tonight? While lockdown has us sticking close to home, music can make you feel better and today's non-stop 2-hour Jumping The Gap mix aims to help you forget the bleak vax stroll-out figures and other news for a while, to dance. So, get into a locomotive car and drive to the other side with me. Disco, funk, boogie & more, plus fresh Latin gems from Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18, Joao Selva and Adrianna Moreira. Read More