Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 24th Feb 2021

The media embargo has finally lifted, so today we previewed a bunch of fresh Teena Marie reworks by New York's master-remixer John Morales from his upcoming 3xLP collection 'Love Songs & Funky Beats' - which is released March 26 on BBE. If you also had a boyhood/girlhood crush on the former Mr Farah Fawcett - aka Lee Majors and his bionic... well, let's just say 'parts', then you'll enjoy at least one side of The Originals single that gets an airing. There's also gospel (care of Greg Belson's newie), new stuf from First Touch, the Afrobeat/Ethio-jazz influenced The Invisible Session band, Brasilian brilliance, disco & more in today's 2-hour non-stop mix-up. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 17th Feb 2021

It's summer and Mardi Gras kix off this week, so Jumping The Gap celebrates with a 2-hour mix-up featuring disco and boogie as well as a newie from Marshall Jefferson's soul-house vocal group Ten City which is all about Freedom and Respect. There's also a fantastic new cover of Black Box classic Ride On Time by The Bamboos and fresh stuff from fellow Cardigan Towners Close Counters, while the Sylvester-channeling Lamone soars with his version of the Kendricks/Lewis fave 'Gurrrrl... U Need A Change Of Mind'. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 10th Feb 2021

Featuring new tracks from Nickodemus, Voodoocuts (on the dependable Resense label), Japanese jazz from an upcoming BBE comp and a 'holy grail' of Botswana hip hop by The Boogie Man bassist Sipho Gumede (a cover of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's 'Message' issued on 45 for the first time), today's 2-hour mix also featured disco, boogie, salsa and an Italian soundtrack, alongside Al Jarreau, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan and a gospelesque upliftment from the Gap Band featuring Stevie Wonder. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 3rd Feb 2021

In today's 2-hour mix up, we went in octopoidial directions with everything from KPM, DeWolfe, Sylvester Music Co. and other library label grooves, plus a South African synth spotlight thanks to Cultures of Soul's newie, alongside hip hop, soul, funk-jazz, boogie, house & disco sourced from Tokyo to Adelaide. Also something from the new album by Mali's wassoulou singer Nahawa Doumbia. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 27th Jan 2021

All aboard! From Japan to The Philippines, Brasil to Jamaica, and crisscrossing tracks as well as the Atlantic for everything from British hip hop to Stateside boogie & salsa, Jumping The Gap's midday radio **express mix-up service** departed Central at 12 midday today for a 2 hour journey of non-stop funkiness. Wigged out synths, Motown 12"s, Latin dancefloor firecrackers, previews from the upcoming eponymously released George Sauma Jr LP (40 years after its maker tried to flog it to a mad world) and newies from tropical troubadours Parbleu as well as the Moodymann produced Celebrity BBQ Band. **Please note, there are no seats on this service, all carriages are reserved for dancing. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 20th Jan 2021

Jumping The Gap kept on truckin' today, rolling out 2-hours of Brasilian & Stateside boogie, disco, soul, house, Blaxploitation & Hammond Mod scooter-soundtracks, funk and breaks. There was also a lovely new Latin workout from Sydney rhythm-rousers Oyobi and Malo Malo, a fresh deep jazz-house remix from DJ Amir (of Kon & Amir fame), plus a Pointer-sisters cover-not-cover version... sorry there's no way to control it. Dancing is automatic, transmission is manual. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 13th Jan 2021

First show back for the new year after a couple of weeks of summer holiday replays over the NY period, features a 2-hour non-stop mix of soul, boogie, hip hop, electro, disco and funk from Bahia to Hong Kong, New York to Canberra, Detroit to Soweto. Includes newiews from The Celebrity BBQ Band executive produced by Moodymann, plus Giles Peterson's new Brit-jazz unearthing STR4TA whose album drops in March. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 23rd Dec 2020

Another non-stop 2-hour midday mix-up for you and because it 'twas the day B4 the nite B4, there's a hip-hop-ho-ho-ho Xmas (w)Rap, plus shiny Japanese boogie bon-bons, Latin firecrackers, British bass-popping bangers, discofied Greek gifts, camp fun(k), 80s electro and much more. N.B. Suggested Volume Level: 42 (equivalent to 11 on metric rock systems). **Express Holiday Fares Apply: Free. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 16th Dec 2020

Despite a rainy day in Sydney, Jumping The Gap serves up a non-stop 2-hour mix-up of sunshine music with fresh singles from local fun crew The Regime as well as Sydney boogie-funksters Confection, plus everything from tropical Hawaiian and Brasilian funk to Stateside and African disco. It's our ability to dance and accessorise that sets us apart from most animals, so slip into something less comfortable, wear or inhale something botanical, turn the music up and kick up the dust to our latest mix. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 9th Dec 2020

Can you keep the ball in play for 2 hours non-stop? Jumping The Gap did today with a mixup of spinners spanning British Latin-jazz banana-flippers to Japanese jazz-funk jackpots; Brasilian bumpers to disco drops. Show includes newies from local wizards Jitwam, Rephrase and Voli K and 2SER's own mighty real good guy Hober Mallow. Listen back with the volume up. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 2nd Dec 2020

Another funky-arsed 2-hour mixup featuring hip hop to house, tropical to troppo-lounge, boogie to bayango, disco to dreamworld soul. Includes new singles from Jitwam and Music In Exile label 9-piece Ausecuma Beats, whose members hail from Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, India and Cuba, and all find themselves making terrific collaborative music in Melbourne, Australia. You'll also hear Miami Sound Machine and Gloria E, brilliant Brasilian bombs from San Rodrigues & Airto Moreira, plus Davy DMX, Coldcut and more. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 25th Nov 2020

If you're sitting on your behind looking for the good vibes (and maybe wondering if your cerise top goes with those yellow shorts), Jumping The Gap has your get-up soundtrack with a 2-hour roll-out of everything from Nuyorican polyrhythms to boogie, disco, hip hop, electro, soul, funk... plus that Jazz Rooms 45 finally arrived with the brilliant take on Golden Brown, where Dave Brubeck's Quartet with tub-thumper Joseph Albert Morello meet The Stranglers. And of course the meeting went brilliantly or we wouldn't be airing it. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 18th Nov 2020

Cruising the [air]waves and high seas, today's JTG 2-hour mixup trip has plenty of tropical love boat treats has stopovers in Brasil, Cuba, the independent Bahamas and other pick-up ports, plus we check out the new 'Tokyo Dreaming' collection from Japanese tragic Nick Luscombe on WeWantSounds. Afro, boogie, disco, soul and funk are all part of the on-deck entertainment. Your cruise director: Paris [the not so real] McCoy... Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 11th Nov 2020

2SER's Antenna being replaced today (HUGE THANKS if you contributed to that fundraiser or our recent Radiothon which footed the huge bill) - so Paris on R'n'R this week, but still there's a pre-recorded 2-hour mixup spanning boogie to reggae. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 4th Nov 2020

Your non-stop 2-hour midweek over-the-jump' and 'electile dysfunction' soundtrack this week includes slinky new cartoon grooves from former Sydney resident and 'Wiseguy', DJ Regal, as well as newies from locals Oyobi/Karen Lee Andrews, The Regime & The Bamboos, alongside everything from disco, boogie and salsa to Turikish freakbeats. Read More