2:00pm 8th Jun 2017 :: The Hands of Tyme :: Danish Special

The first half of this week’s Hands is Danish psych, inspired by Julian Cope’s “Danskrocksampler” article on the scene on his utterly righteous Head Heritage website. If you dig this show head to that website and sup at it’s cup. Like, now. It could be the best website on psychedelic music there is. My selection does delve back into some of Denmark’s mid ’60s beat scene.


Alrune Rod   Du Taler Og Str

The Savage Rose   Ride My Mountain - Jade

Steppulvene   Itsi-Bitsi

C.V. Jorgensen   Sort vinter

Young Flowers   City Of Friends

Povl Dissing & Beefeaters   Lad Mig Blive Noget

The Lollipops   Sussi Moore

Beefeaters   I Want You

Matadorerne   My Situation

Blast Furnace   Jaywalker

Burning Red Ivanhoe   Ivanhoe / Brondbyerne

The Motherhood   I Feel Free

Africa   Paint It Black

Gass   Kulu Se Mama

Jackson Heights   Since I Last Saw You

Daddy Longlegs   Wheelin' And Dealin'

Blue Phantom   Equilibrium

9.30 Fly   Summerdays

Twenty Six & Sixty   Time Can't Take It Away

Andy Armstrong   Riverboat

Quartet   When Will My Lady Come

Samson   Wool And Water

Ten Feet  

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