2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 10th Nov 2021


Tim Shiel   Together Again

Mod Con   Ammo

Hovvdy   GSM

Joan as police woman   Perfect shade of blue

The Blast off girls   You've been messen

Massage   In gray and blue

Bad bangs   All in all

Charlotte Day Wilson   I can only whisper

Bull   Bedroom Floor

Charlotte Cornfield   Out of the country

Ferla   I see you

Mega Bog   Weight of the earth on paper

e4444e   Wear no flag

Web rumours   Heroes

My morning Jacket   Regularly scheduled programming

Good Morning   Depends on

Time Shiel   Get into your love

Julia Why?   My Grrrl

Izy   Treat me bad

Molly Nilsson   Absolute Power

Yves Tumor   Hasdallen Lights

King sting ray   Milkumana

Pearl and the oysters   Soft Science

Anika   Finger Pies

Tim Shiel   Sparrow

Nick Garbett and Mike Majkowski   Mid Mountains

Genisis Owusu   Bye Bye

Helado Negro   There must be a song like

Colleen Green   Someone else

Obongjayar   Message

Tre Burt   I cannot care

Damon and Naomi   Midnight

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