2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 10th Nov 2023


Herbie Hancock   All Apologies

Badge Epoque Ensemble   Air, Light & Harmony

D.C. Cross   Pathway to the Oboe Guitarist

Luluc   Snow

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys   Max's Song

Jasmin Kaset   A Single Right Word

R.M.F.C.   Harmless Activity

Lord Crucifix   Impalcibilis feat Dismemberment

Carla Geneve   Feel

Naoise Roo   Future Ghost

Georgia Mulligan   What Remains

Arthington Stack   Crowds Below Filerimos

Ena Malibu & Ta'sia   Acceptance

Slow Pulp   Broadview

Patio   Inheritance

Steppers   Funkovski

Sunny Luwe   Drive You Wild

R.M.F.C.   New Diversion

Pash   Skylight

Black Pumas   Sauvignon

Hand Models   Twice As Quit

Maple Glider   Two Years

Carrtoons   Grace

DJ Shadow   A Narrow Escape

Dyan Tai   Hantu

Urban Guerillas   1984

Swampmeat Family Band   Setting Sun

Pavement   Zurich Is Stained

Platonic Sex   Melon

The Native Cats   Battery Acid

R.M.F.C.   Spectrum

Hector Morlet   We're So Tight It Hurts

Fig   Our Night

The Bamboos   The Space Between

Say She She   Echo In The Chamber

GC Oconnor   Love On High

Souleance   Feliz

Hayku Kyah   Sour

Zion Garcia   THE WAY BACK

Dumb Things   Self Help

Emma Donovan   Blak Nation

A Tribe Called Quest   Oh My God

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