2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 13th Mar 2019


Jenny Lewis   Heads Gonna Roll

Key Out   Lost

Solange   Jerrod

Black Cab   Take It

Lonesome Shack   The City Is A Desert

Anenome   Daffodils

Earache   Upside Down

Julien Dyne   What You Say

Stephen Bailey   Country

Jessica Pratt   Fare Thee Well

Benny Sings   Familiar

Pikelet   Plovers

Honey 2 Honey   Tone Of Voice

Solange   Time (is)

The Money War   Home

Faux Ferocious   Solvency

Tensei   Ask Them

The Smallgoods   Satellite

Helado Negro   Sabana De Luz

Jacco Gardner   Somnium

Tiny Ruins   Sparklers

Solange   Down With The Clique

Ry-Co Jazz   Zaina

Blood Blossoms   October

Laura Imbruglia   The Creeps

Lambchop   Everything For You

Jess Ribeiro   Love Is The Score Of Nothing

HTRK   Love Is The Score Of Nothing

Guided By Voices   Jam Warsong

Richard Swift   Broken Finger Blues


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