2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 13th May 2021


Reigning Sound   A Little More Time

Babitha   Be Alright

Big Scary   Wake

??? Park Hye Jin & Nosaj Thi   Clouds

Aaron Frazer   Can't Leave It Alone

June Jones   Remember

Viagra Boys   Toad

Tune-Yards   Hypnotized

John Sharkley III   Tell Me Tell Me

Nana Yamato   Day Song

The Avalanches   We Go On (feat. Cola Boyy & Mick J)

Indira Elias   Dreamy Youth

The Budos Band   Gun Metal Grey

Sophia Kennedy   I Can See You

Grinding Eyes   Until it Falls Apart

Bob Evans   I'll Get Over You Somehow

Big Scary   Get Out!

Gel Set   In The Wall

Female Species   Till The Moon Don't Shine

Gruff Rhys   Loan Your Loneliness

Ajak Kwai   Don't Need To Be Cool

Johnny Hunter   Innocence Interrupted

Magic Nic   Yes I Do

Tamar Aphek   Nothing Can Surprise Me

Big Scary   Kind Of World

Buffet Lunch   Red Apple Happiness

PJ Orr   Dream State

Flock of Dimes   Walking

Moussa Diakite   Ahiyoh

Moody Beach   Why Not?

Katy J Pearson   Fix Me Up


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