2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 16th Feb 2023


Baby Huey   Running

Ingredient   Wolf

Laure Briard   Me Pardonner

Deuce   Breathe

Beth and Blue   Take It All

Marxist Love Disco Ensemble   Recapitulate

Patrick Gibson   Church of England TV

Little Simz   Heart on Fire

The Altons   Float

Gena Rose Bruce   Morning Stars

Tagua Tagua   Pra Tras

The Chills   Heavenly Pop Hit

The Tubs   Two Person Love

Chimers   Generator

Laure Briard   Au Diable Le Couer Arrach

Orchestra Gold   Gende

Summer Flake   Barnacle Bill

The Allergies   Sometimes I Wonder

Baby Cool   Mother Luna

Jade Imagine   Back and Forth

Quiet Dawn   Dododo

The Golden Gaytimes   I'm Tempted

Laure Briard   My Love Is Right

Isolde Lasoen   Oh Dear

Dean Francis   Funky Disposition

Foreign Heights   Get Yours

Def Wish Cast   Circle Round

Everything But the Girl   Nothing Left To Lose

Meg Baird   Unnamed Drives

Floodlights   Lessons Learnt

Bumpy   Waiting Game

boygenius   $20

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