2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 17th Jan 2023


Lipticism   Worth

NataliePavlovic   Start Again

Adalita   Equations

Bottled Up   Levitate

Rozi Plain   Help

Orchestra Gold   Koniya

Mynolia   Holding Hands

Garret saracho, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhummad   Trucha

Straight Arrows   Fast Product

Komang   Ode

Alannah Russack   Tend Your Fire

Bumpy   Hide & Seek

Ingredient   Variation

The Strokes   The Modern Age

Dorsal Fins   Star of the Show

Babaganouj   What Planet Do You Come From?

Cools Sounds   Foreign Feelings

Sudan Archives   Glorious

Moktar   Al-Duqqi

Lora Keet   Oracle

Elizabeth Drummond   I Tried

Ty Segall   20th Century Boy

King Tuff   Sick Mind

Liquid Saloon   Bear Walk

The Shivas   My Baby Don't

Peel   Under the Sun

Stupid Nebula   Sunflower

No Age   Compact Flashes

The Shins   Kissing the Lipless

The Coffins   Terry

Jade Imagine   Instinct That I Wanna Know

Def Wish Cast   Circle Round

Sunder   Creation Mistaken

Tim Shiel & Komang   Speed of Thrust

Arp   New Pleasures


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