2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 19th Feb 2024


NEU!   Seeland

Arthington Stack   Crowds Below Filerimos

Bill Ryder-Jones   I Know That It's Like This (Baby)

Molly Lewis   Crushed Velvet

Canisha   No Trick

SONS OF ZOKU   Earth Chant


Helado Negro   I Just Want To Wake Up With You

Luluc   Snow

Mayuko   Mother

Post   A Dream Is A Dream

Chanel Beads   Idea June

Jessica Pratt   Life Is

Gruff Rhys   Peace Signs

The Tibbs   Ain't It Funny

Total Tommy   Microdose

Yirinda   Njurunj

Hooper Crescent   Wrong Direction

Dina Ă–gon   Firad

Maxine Gillon   Lipstick

Sleater-Kinney   Hunt You Down

The Slims   Sirens

OUM SHATT   Off To St. Pete

Keaper   Alone

Velvet Trip   It's Only Human

Emily Wurramurra   Magic Woman Dancing

Charm Of Finches   Clean Cut

Yirinda   Ba Gi Lam

Jess Ribeiro   Everything Is Now

Big Scary   Ideal

Ibibio Sound Machine   Got To Be Who U Are

Bikini Body   Mr Tinnitus

The Beatles   Cry Baby Cry

Bad Bangs   Contest

Jess Locke   Uncomfortably Happy

T Ski Valley   Catch The Beat

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