2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 1st Jul 2021


Gel Set   Feed me

Spookyland   Moonlight

Caitlin Harnette and The Pony Boys   Rosie

Field Music   Orion From The Street

Hiatus Kaiyote   Chivalry is not dead

Dominic Breen   Under Your Sorrow

The Oogars   Waiting All Day

Husky   Light a cigarette

Johnny Kosmo   All Strange Heroes

Martha Marlow   One flew east, one flew west

Viagra Boys   Creatures

Olivia Kaplan   Wrong

Moontype   Anti Divinity

Sweet nobody   Not a good judge

Hiatus Kyiote   REd Room

Django Django   Headrush

Magic Nic   Yes I Do

Shrapnel   Alasitas

Faye Webster   Cheers

Ajak Kwai   Let me grow my wings

Liars   Sekwar

Flower Truck   Sing Along To Your Life

Superchorus   Slip Away

Jack Ladder and the Dream Landers   Astronaut

Hiatus Kaiyote   Rosewater

Dinosour Junior   Take it back

The Luke Sinclair Set   The Horizon is a gold mine

Ngairre   Closer

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