2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 20th Mar 2020


Jeremy Neale   Time

RVG   I used to love you

Swamp Dogg   Family Pain

Thao & the get down stand down   Temple

The James Hunter Six   Ain't going up in one of those

Coda Chroma   Start Again

Scott & Charlene's Wedding   Boundary Line

Waxahatchee   Fire

Steve Spacek   Rawl Aredo

Lucie Thorne   Twilight Star

Use No Hooks   The Hook

Hayden Thorpe   Stop Motion

Chitra   Leaving

I lay awake   Swamp Dogg

Sage   Yumi Zouma

Going Gone   Dianas

Moses Boyd   Shades of You

Grieving   Charlie Gradon

MEEM   True Facts

Captain   Nicole Atkins

Royal Headache   Down The Lane

Long Beard   Forever

Yin Yin   One Inch Punch

L-Fresh the Lion   Mother

CJ Stranger   Strang One

Grace Cummings   The look you gave

Sunfruits   Whatever you want

Swamp Dogg   Good, Better, Best

Lorelei   Skylight

Our Quiet Whisper   Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Torres   Records of your tenderness

Too Free   X2

The Aerial Maps   I'm so bored with Westfield

Kate Davis   Daisy

Andy Golledge   1170

Natalie Prass   Ain't Nobody

Pictish Trail   Slow Memories


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