2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 21st Jul 2023


Mandrill   Don't Mess With People

Jonny Benavidez   Uncle Sam

Sampology & Charlie Hill   Wind and Willow

Hot Apple Band   Old Age

Amanda Brown   The Deal

PJ Harvey   I Inside The Old Year Dying

Immy Owusu   Right With No Wrong

Rival Consoles   Coda

Aphex Twin   Blackbox Life Recorder 21f

Neil Frances   Head Straight

M Ward   Too Young To Die feat First Aid Kit

Brigid Mae Power   Counting Down

Beastie Boys   Unite

Jack Ladder   I'm Melting

Folamour   Alive

Immy Owusu   Flashback

Fit Of Body   When We Sleep feat Elizabeth Wight

The Regime   The Playground

Minor Conflict   Second-Hand Time

Floodlights   Colours

Hubcaps   Beside(s) Me

Velvet Trip   Silly Boy

Parquet Courts   Borrowed Time

King Stingray   Lookin' Out

Anarchosophist   Happy As A Baby

Immy Owusu   The World Is Here For You

Lisa Caruso   What If My Body Could Love Like You

Wireheads   Persistent Resistance

Kee'ahn   Sunsets

Pale Blue Eyes   Hang Out

Feeble Little Horse   Paces

Lipphead   Unisax Romper

Chitra   In My Opinion

Fig   No Need To Rest

Total Control   Safety Net

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