2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 22nd Nov 2023


Herbie Hancock   Fat Mama

Maple Glider   You're Gonna Be A Daddy

Lisa Caruso   It's Cool

Grievous Boldily Calm   Spirals

Squid Nebula   Blood Red Moon

The Native Cats   Vivian Left Me

RONA   Aperleye

Keanu Nelson   Nyinarralpi Kulini

Moussa Diakite   Peace, Unity and Love

Hayku Kyah   Sour

Dinosaur Jnr   Feel The Pain

Fig   Honey

Don't Thank Me, Spank Me!   Sandy

Entombed   Say It In Slugs

The Native Cats   Oscillator At the End Of TiME

Summer Pearl   feel right

Beryl   Bad Joke

Gotts Street Park   Mountains feat ENNY

Souleance   Lightweight feat Jenny Penkin

Quantic   Morning Light

Kee'ahn   Sunsets

Close Counters   GET DOWN!

Georgia Mulligan   What Remains

The Bamboos   For The Record feat Ohmega Watts & Ozay Moore

Jaakko Eino Kalevi   L'horizon

Charbel Nehme   My Dreams My Life

Gut Health   Juvenile Retention

David Holmes   Necessary Genius feat Raven Violet

The Native Cats   Battery Acid

The Lewers   Postcards for Terrorists

The Clouds   Soul Eater

DJ Shadow   She's Evolving

Gil Scott-Heron   I Think I'll Call It Morning

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