2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 23rd Sep 2021


T. Wilds   Curious Moon

Andy Golledge   New Stamp

Devotions   Excess

DARKSIDE   The Question Is To See It All

Mega Bog   Butterfly

Kyoshi   Reflections

The Slingers   The Cruellest Cut

Kutcha Edwards   Today

Iceage   Dear Saint Cecilia

Yves Tumor   Jackie

Ausecuma Beats   Sallier

Rachel Lime   Voyager 3

Jodi Phillis   Silver Stars

Ngaiire   Shoestring

Squid   G.S.K.

Devotions   Vanity Pools

Durnad Jones & The Indicators   Love Will Work It Out

Anatomy Class   Welcome to the Ages

HARD FEELINGS   Holding On Too Long

Jack Grace   It's A Vision

Hard-Ons   Hold Tight

Drug Store Romeos   Secret Plan

Jonny Kosmo   Caterpillar

Skydeck   Dogshot

Parvyn   What You See

Devotions   Nil By Mouth

The Besnard Lakes   Feuds With Guns

Spookyland   The Roses Of Silence

Bedouine   The Wave

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders   Egomania

Litte Simz   Point and Kill (feat. Obonjayar)

Sierra Ferell   Give It Time

King Stingray   Milkumana

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