2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 24th Feb 2022


Coconut Cream   Safety Net

The Pleasures   The Beginning of the End

Beach House   Through Me

Methyl Ethyl   Something To Worry About

Plus Side   I Am Composing

The Slims   Crooks

Jamaica Moana   CYA

Big Thief   Time Escaping

Gift Exchange   Behind Perspex

William Crighton   The Wheel

Kitsch Kitchen   Motionless

The High Water Marks   Fantastic Machine

NewDad   Banshee

Jo Williams   Planxty Irwin

The Black Seeds   Bring The Sun

James Chatburn   Howling

Modern Studies   Light a Fire

Laraland   Passing Grey

Beach House   Masquerade

Cat Power   Pa Pa Power

Elsy Wameo   River Nile

Neil Frances   Dancing

Pom Poko   Time

Aurora Dee Raynes   Good For You

Harvey Sutherland   Feeling Of Love

Samm Henshaw   It Won't Change

Springtime   The Names of the Plague

Kurt Vile   Like Exploding Stones

Beach House   Hurts to Love

Vietnam   What Have I Done?

Chris Liebing   Whispers and Wires (feat. Ladden)

Full Flower Moon Band   Trainspotting

Sam Redmore   Party

Scuti   Eating

Cate Le Bon   Moderation

Silverbacks   Archive Material

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