2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 24th Nov 2023


Eric Donaldson   Cherry Oh Baby

Arthington Stack   Introductory Rite: Joyous

Summer Pearl   not my child

Lindigo   Domoun

Noname   Black Mirror

The Native Cats   Vivian Left Me

Frankie Rose   Sleeping Night And Day

Mia June   Slate Is Clean

Keanu Nelson   Watjipa Wikangku

D.C. Cross   The Regicide Of Daniel Ek Made No Sound

Hot Apple Band   Martin Morning

Georgia Mulligan   Paper

Thomas Frempong   Okesi

Naoise Roo   Future Ghost

Wet Leg   Wet Dream

Victoria   On the Spree

Dumb Things   Self Help

The Native Cats   Battery Acid

DEM MOB   Still No Justice

Soft Covers   Coming And Going

Amyl & The Sniffers   Guided By Angels

Screensaver   Severance Pay

Layman   Paris

BAYANG (The Bushranger)   Antarctica feat TT & FRIDAY

The Bamboos   Ex-Files

Carrtoons   Fool For Your Love

Jalen Ngonda   Rapture

R.M.F.C.   The Trap

Say She She   Astral Plane

Quantic   Brooklyn Heat

The Native Cats   Suplex

Jaako Eino Kalevi   Cyborg

Cat Power   Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

Gotts Street Park   Mountains feat ENNY

James Ellis Ford   The Yips


The Nagging Doubts   Shaving My Head

Tkay Maidza   Love Again

Kool & The Gang   Life Is What You Make It

Temple Of The Dog   Hunger Strike

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