2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 24th Sep 2021


Hand Habits   Aquamarine

Hand Habits   Aquamarine

Jack Davies & The Bush Chooks   Fire Eyes

Devotions   Modeling

Folamour   St. Moskov

Hello Satellites   Water Salt Light Grace

Nick Garbett & Mike Majkowski   Flight Mode

Molly Burch   Took A Minute

Infinity Broke   From the Belly of a Whale

Female Species   Til The Moon Don't Shine

Helado Negro   Gemini and Leo

Shrapnel   Orpheum Protocol

Emma Jean-Thackray   Spectre

Devotions   Final Girl

The Chills   Worlds Within Worlds

Anita Lester   Sun and Moon and Stars

Matthew E. White   Electric

Sampology   Suffer and Swim (feat. Allysha Joy)

Marinero   Neustra Victoria

The Blast Off Girls   Outta Reach

Curtis Harding   Hopeful

The Go! Team   Let the Seasons Work


Devotions   Excess

The War on Drugs   I Don't Live Hear Anymore

Monnone Alone   Hard Feelings

Rosali   Mouth

Magnetic Heads   The Wall

Anchorsong   The Ocean (feat. Bookend)

Hiss Golden Messenger   The Great Mystifier

Johnny Hunter   The Floor

Amen Dunes   Feel Nothing (feat. Sleaford Mods)

Nice Biscuit   Passing Over

Lady Blackbird   Collage

Sonny and the Sunsets   Ride The Dark Trail

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