2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 25th Jan 2023


Skunkhour   Blue

Taylah Carroll   Intentions

Babitha   Ghost

Posy   I know a place

No Age   Compact Flashes

Suprise Chef   Daylight Saving

Raiza Biza   Get Money

Eliot Lipp   Thanks

Jade imagine   Instinct That I wanna Know

Purple Dye   Whats your name?

Alannah Russack's Entropy Band   Embrace

Crocodylus   Person Suit

Ali The Great   Complexion of the sun

Wesley   Twins in the wind

Summer Flake   Stranger

The Sooks   Red Brick House

Orchestra Gold   Koniya

The Allergies   Sometimes I wonder

Lee feilds   Two jobs

Little simz   Gorilla

Dry cleaning   Kwenchy Kups

Babitha   Nothin left to burn

Mahine Me   Vieux Farka Toure Et Khruangbin

Rozi Plain   Painted The Room

Echo Omen   Moojar feat. Mathas & Koondarm

Blood   Self Improvement

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