2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 25th Jul 2022


Outkast   Elevators (Me & You)

Eggy   Golden Hour

Color Green   Ill Fitting Suit

Spacemoth   Pipe and Pistol

Dodda Rivka   River Of Stars

Liquid Saloon   Shaiza feat Elyasaf Bashari

Makaya McCraven   Dream Another

Elizabeth M. Drummond   Congratulations

Horace Andy   Safe From Harm

Stella   Titanic

Harvey Sutherland   Holding Pattern

The Pro-Teens   Doomsday

The Koreatown Oddity   Aggro Crag

Automatic   Lucy

David Versace   Summer Party

Spacemoth   Round In Loops

Olinga Gaston   Ngon Engap

Coldcut   Say Kids (What Time Is It?)

Banbarra   Shack Up

Free Time   That's Rare

The Buoys   Red Flags

Bas Jan   You Have Bewitched Me

Henry Wu   Phone Call

Working Men's Club   Ploys

Spacemoth   Waves Come Crashing

Pale Blue Eyes   Star Vehicle

Ghost Woman   All The Time

Say She She   Trouble

The Big Moon   Wide Eyes

The Black Turtles   Stand Up!

Tasman Keith   SHARKS

Jitwam   LALALA

Sig Nu Gris   Chanced Overarch

Fujiya & Miyagi   Digital Hangover

KOKOKO!   Polo Muneni

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