2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 25th Mar 2024


90% Of Me Is You   Gwen McCrae

Goodge   Mariachi's Back

Stellar Moon   Rise

D.C. Cross   The Regicide of Daniel Ek Made No Sound

Helena Massey   Lady of the Bags

The Tibbs   Ain't It Funny

Juno Point   A Little Rain

Post   Small Talk

Kid Cornered and the Ice Chest Orchestra   On The Rails

Faye Webster   Underdressed at the Symphony

Sheer Mag   Tea On The Kettle

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band   Got My Mind Made Up

Jahari Massamba Unit   Massamba Afundance

Camp Lo   B-Side to Hollywood feat Trugoy the Dove of De La Soul

MissGenius   Window

Good Morning   Dog Years

Tatiyana   It's Over

Emancipator & Koresma   Cherry Blossom

A. Swayze & The Ghosts   Cool Cucumber

Cool Sounds   On The Line

Gimmy   Things Look Different Now

Keaper   The Painting

Milan Ring   Photograph

Rona   Be My Medicine

Bad Bangs   Sympathy

Second Idol   Boxing Ring

Logic1000   Saint Rex

Good Morning   Monster Of The Week

Nick Griffith   Lavender

Roger Damawuzan   Wait For Me

Real Estate   Airdrop

Fears   NY

Bolis Pupul   Spicy Crab

Big Scary   All You've Done To Me

Future Islands   Peach

Helado Negro   Best For Me and You

Freddie King   Going Down

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