2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 26th Jan 2023


Rozi Plain   Standing Up

Izy   Treat me bad

Deepchild   Now Suspended

Meteor Infant   Scarecrow

Babitha   Night and Day

Tasman Keith   SHARKS

Leah Flanagan   Final Notice

Bumpy   Waiting Game

Alannah Russack's Entropy Band   House Of Stone

The moderate themes   Guilt

Beryl   Maybe its okay

Reigning Sound   I don't need that kind of lovin

Emma Donovan and the Putbacks   Muurrbay Tree

Vayah   Tonight

Dobby   That's Not Me feat L-Fresh the Lion

Royel Otis   I wanna dance with you

Crocodylus   You Gotta See It To Believe It

Babitha   Ghost

Mo'Ju   Chnage has to come

The Blowfisch Saxophone   Do what you want f mix

Tim shiel , Komang   Speed Of Trust

Glides   Lotus

The coffins   Terry

Salarymen   Toe To Toe

Emma Donovan and the Putbacks   Out the door

Subsonic Eye   Hurt Your Head

Komang   Through the motions

Kalaji   Walka

Moktar   All Duqqi

Bumpy   Leave It All Behind

Babitha   Nothin left to burn

Potential   Chronic Gains

Belle & Sebastian   Give a little time

Sounds Like Sunset   Sunshine

Meadowhip   Am I Broken

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