2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 26th Sep 2019


Demon Days   Gravel

Sui Zhen   Natural Progression

Tindersticks   The Amputees

David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights   Threads

Bonniesongs   Coo Coo

Big White   Sold Myself

Ghost Funk Orchestra   Seven Eight

Field Music   Only In A Man's World

Julia Why   Discount Fragile

Godtet   Oubladi

DIIV   Blankenship

Sui Zhen   Different Places

Strange Ranger   Planes In Front Of The Sun

Sudan Archives   Confessions

Melanie Horsnell   Forgotten Woman

The Nagging Doubts   Balcony

Marika Hackman   Hand Solo

Youth Group   Cusp

No Mono   Blaze

Twin Peaks   Dance Through It

BLAND   Common Ground

Sui Zhen   Matsudo City Life

Kate Davis   Cloud

Royal Chant   Shutdown Corner

Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse   Roses In Bloom

DJ Shadow   Rocket Fuel

Hunter Express   Friend Of Mine

The Ocean Blue   Step Into The Night

Seeker Lover Keeper   Two Dreamers


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