2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 28th Mar 2024


Eugene McDaniels   Reverend Lee

Faye Webster   Lifetime

Maple Glider   You're Gonna Be A Daddy

Kurt Vile   Cool Water

Adrianne Lenker   Donut Seam

Molly Lewis   Porque Te Vas

Helena Massey   Cross Wire

Jamie Hutchings   Green Seeps

Miranda Joan   Circle

Good Morning   Real, I'm Told

Kid Cornered and the Ice Chest Orchestra   A Little Clutter Between the Ears

Ducks!   Brother

D.C. Cross   Pathway to the Oboe Guitarist

Ghost Funk Orchestra   Nova

Georgia Winspear   Limbo

Bikini Body   Mr Tinnitus

Good Morning   The Lake

MFV   End Line

King Stingray   Through The Trees

Stellar Moon   Bawoona Balinka

Nathan Bartell   Top Going Down Bottom Going Up

Second Idol   Boxing Ring

Bad Bangs   Sympathy

Blue Diner   Bearings

Sachet   On Flat

Sunnets   Make It Rain

The Vovos   Ditzy and Upset

Good Morning   Arcade

Logic1000   Self To Blame feat Kayla Blackmon

Cool Sounds   On The Line

Parsnip   Turn To Love

Keaper   Alone

MissGenius   Window

Jahari Massamba Unit   JMU's Voyage

Thee Sacred Souls   Forever & Ever

OUM SHATT   Off to St. Pete

Dyke & The Blazers   So Sharp

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