2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 29th Apr 2021


Buffet Lunch   Said Bernie

Olivia Kaplan   Wrong

Ajak Kwai   No one like you

Bob Evans   Luxury Car

Moodyman   Let me show you love

Martha Marlow   Dont Want to grow up

Woolen Men   OUtta Reach

Pop FIlter   Romance At The Petrol Station

Lake Street Drive   Feels Like the Last Time

Full Power Happy Hour   Steely Fences

DARKSIDE   Liberty Bell

Hachiku   Bridging Visa B

Dry Cleaning   Her Hippo

Monnone Alone   Feel It Disappearing

Ajak Kwai   Let Me Grow My Wings

Du Blode   Medicated (feat. Shirely Manson)

Family Jordan   Big Grass

Pearl Charles   Imposter

Oyobi   Don't Let It Go To Your Head

Cool Sounds   South of France

The Besnard Lakes   Fueds with Guns

Pheobe Bridges   Chinese Satellite

Kevin Morby   Valley

Skeleton   Walking on Your Name

Ajak Kwai   Don't Need To Be Cool

Marinero   Through The Fog

Female Species   Till The Moon Don't Shine

Chad VanGaalen   Starlight

Flyying Colours   It's Real

John Grant   Boy From Michigan

Grace Farriss   All The People

Jeremy Ivey   Paradise Alley



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