2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 30th Apr 2020


Sunfruits   Whatever you want

M Ward   Along the santa fe trail

Fiona Apple   Shameika

Cayn Borthwick   Keep Me

Elizabeth Fader   Encore

Wire   Cactused

Sarah Mary Chadwick   If I squint

Thundercat   Dragonball Durag

Nerija   Partner Girlfriend lover

Greta Stanley   Soak into this

Annie Hamilton   Panic

Trace Mountains   Lost in the country

Fiona Apple   Ladies

30/70   Difting

The Bell Streets   Our Time

100   Weightless

Tame Impala   Instant Destiny

TOPS   Witching Hour

Ausecuma Beats   You never know

Anna Cordell   Ahead of your game

Yves Tumor   A greater love

Fiona Apple   Drumset

Shepparton Airplane   Say what again

U.S. Girls   4 American Dollars

Jesse Madigan   January in Spring

Torres   Good Scare

J Dilla   Love

The James Hunter Six   I can change your mind

Big White   Falling In

Emma Shields   Lucy

Shopping   All or nothing

Wild Nothing   Dizziness


The Magic Cure

How can 2 kids, an elf and a wizard, help children in the era of covid-19.  Professor Anna Ralph has injected fun and fantasy into child education around Covid-19.  Alex James chats with Anna her first children's book "The Magic Cure". Read More

Can we Snapback?

Are NSW and Australia set for an economic snapback?  The Commonwealth Bank Australia’s chief economist Craig James speaks with Alex James on Breakfast about CommSec’s ‘State of the States’ Report.  Read More

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