2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 30th Apr 2024


Blackbyrds   April Showers

Jordan Kenny   Sleep (Is Good)

Block Barley   Purple Dawn

Charm Of Finches   In The Dark

Emma Donovan   I'll Shine On You

Andy Golledge   Lovin' Myself feat Sweet Talk

Waxahatchee   Bored

Steppers   Friend To Hold

Scattered Order   The Silent Dark

High Llamas   Bade Amey

Jess Ribeiro   Summer Of Love

Bodywire   Mall Cop

Don't Thank Me, Spank Me!   Be My Forever

Teens   I'm An Art Prize

Emma Donovan   Lovin' Looks Like

Sugar Fed Leopards   Flowers In The Falling Rain

Human Noise   Fabric and the Lining

Golden Sunbird   Orbs of Light

Parsnip   Unearthing

Fabiana Palladino   Can You Look In The Mirror

A Certain Ratio   God Knows

Tattyana   It's Over

Milan Ring   Leo

Men Seni Suyemin   Dark Waves

Emma Donovan   Blak Nation

Chanel Beads   Dedicated To the World

Say She She   Find A Way

Hooper Crescent   Electric Stove

Royston Vasie   Why Not Now

Baula   Mercury In Retrograde

Brian Eno   Needles In The Camels Eye

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