2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 30th Jan 2019


You Tell Me   Clarion Call

Crepes   Life Is Fast

Mr Twin Sister   Alien FM

Deerhunter   What Happens To People

Julien Dyne   Hours

St. Ives   The Roaches

The Moles   Riptide

Lala Lala   The Flu

The Teskey Brothers   I Get Up

Shadowparty   Taking Over

Laura Imbruglia   The Creeps

Ryley Walker   Raven

Deerhunter   Greenpoint Gothic

Tiana Khasi   Nuketown

Julia Jacklin   Head Alone

Richard Swift   Broken Finger Blues

Harouna Samake   Bereme Djembe

YoWo Music   In The Morning

Kurt Vile   Loading Zones

Thelma   Take Me To Orlando

Pavo Pavo   Mystery Hour

Deerhunter   Element

Earache   Upside Down

Ibibio Sound Machine   Tell Me

Peabody   Gemini

Lady Lamb   Even In The Tremor

Harry Williams And The Country Outcasts   Streets of Fitzroy

Still Corners   The Message

Mitski   Come Into The Water

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