2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 3rd Nov 2023


Radiohead   Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box

KONG   Yellow King Walking To Take Revenge

Mega Fauna   Cloves

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys   Can't Have It All

The Boy Of Many Colors   Where Ya From

Oneohtrix Point Never   Krumville

Victor Axelrod   One Step Ahead

Carla Geneve   Feel

Ash Walker   Afronaught

D.C. Cross   A Harebrained Adventure Of An Amateur Shaman

Squaring Circles   Suspend

Ella Thompson   Wouldn't It Be Easy

The Beatles   Now And Then

R.M.F.C.   The Web

Slow Pulp   Broadview

The Boy Of Many Colors   Stick Stone Bone

Sunny Luwe   Drive You Wild

Say She She   Echo In The Chamber

Hector Morlet   The Swimming Pool

Victoria   Rushing Bull

Nardean   Follow Thru

Melenas   1986

Soft Covers   Coming And Going

MNDSGN   (my)PLEASURE feat Liv.e

Quivers   Chinese Medicine

Squid Nebula   From Here To You

Kendra Morris   One Last Joyride

Sky Ferreira   I Blame Myself

Ana Frango Ele'trico   Electric Fish

Mildlife   Musica

The Boy Of Many Colors   The Bay

DJ Shadow   You Played Me

Hot Apple Band   Changing

Party Dozen   Wake In Might

Monstress   Heather's Diary

Charlie Hill   Philly

Quantic   Get In The Ride feat Connie Constance

Dominic Breen   The Pits

Yussef Dayes   Jukebox

UV Race   Life Park

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