2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 4th Dec 2018


Martin Frawley You Want Me ::

Peel Dream Magazine Due To Advances in Modern Tourism ::

Julia Holter Whether ::

Own Lake & The Tragic Loves Wicked Heart ::

Minimal Miggy Home ::

Mojo Juju I Just Wanna Know ::

Ry-co Jazz Zaina ::

Tunng Sleepwalking ::

Lala Lala The Flu ::

Perry Keyes Ballad Of A Drunk Man's Car ::

Michael Rault Pyramid Scheme ::

Molly Nilsson Gun Control ::

B-Film Etc. Check The Forums ::

Molly Burch Dangerous Place ::

Colin Caulfield Looking For Revenge ::

Wargirl How You Feel ::

Cool Sounds The Beat ::

Eliza Shaddad Daydreaming ::

Jim James You Get To Rome ::

Jasmin Kaset Middle Name ::

Dereb The Ambassador Mewuded Lemejemer ::

Doe Paoro The Projector ::

Kurt Vile One Trick Ponies ::

Jealous Of The Birds Marrow ::

New War The Pyre Song ::

Straight Arrows The One ::

Tim Cohen Modern World ::

Cat Power You Get ::

Rayland Baxter Everything To Me ::

The Ocean Party Back On ::

Sloan Peterson Our Love ::

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