2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 7th Jan 2022


Happy Axe   Growing in The Ground

Lady Lyon   All Night Temple

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird   When This Is Over

Suprise Chef   New Ferrari

YIN YIN   One Inch Punch

Shepparton Airplane   What It's Worth

Simon Robert Gibson   Life's Great Mess

Marissa Nadler   If I Could Breathe Underwater

Harvey-Allison Experience   This Is Our Love Story

Lord Creator   Rhythm of the Blues

Buffet Lunch   Said Bernie

Black Rock Band   Modjarrkki

Parquet Courts   Walking at a Downtown Pace


Ovlov   Strokes

Onipa   Onipa

Arms Akimbo   Dig

Martha WainWright   Sometimes

Little Simz   Woman

Ruby Jones   The Woman Who Loves You

Dianas   Logical

Ausecuma Beats   Sallier

Simona Castricum   Grateful for the Heartache

Nick Murphy & The Program   Get It Wrong

Dag   You-Hoo

Traffik Island   The Light


Odlaw   Bored Not Boring

Sweet Nobody   White Lies

Lucy Dacus   Hot&Heavy

Club Camel   Keepin' Me Up

Yibby   Amount

Elsy Wameyo   Nilotic

Charlotte Day Wilson   I Can Only Whisper (feat BADBADNO)


Tim Shiel, Lucy Roleff   Get Into Your Love

LoneLady   Time Time Time

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