2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 7th Sep 2023


Falling Joys   Lock It

Kendra Morris   Dominoes

Allegra Krieger   Lingering

Alexander Flood   U R Tha 1

Alifchief   Yearning

Slowdive   alfie

A Certain Ratio   Tier 3

Eje Eje   Kacha (End of Summer)

Rocky   Repeater

Minor Gold   Around The Bend

Leah Senior   Clearest View

Kaleta & Super Yamba Band   Jibiti

Mega Fauna   Light Ahead

Slowdive   prayer remembered

Pyrex   Just a Little

The Brights   Everyone In Town

Noname   Oblivion

Lady Lyon   Millenia

Tia Gostelow   Like You Better

The Native Cats   My Risks Is Art

Wireheads   Life After Winter

The Rolling Stones   Street Fighting Man

Genesis Owusu   The Roach

The Particles   Remington Rand

Slowdive   the slab

Rising Suns   So Far Away

Bambii   One Touch

Sunnets   Tbh

Seja   Change On The Horizon

Rainbow Chan   Seven Sisters

Muma Ganoush   Shirt Shop

Ephemerons   Breather

Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band   Scorpio

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